Previously, I spoke about tests and test driven development in perl, and now I continue with discussion of MockObject and MockModule; why it’s important, and how you should use it. First, Test::MockObject creates objects with mocked class names and subroutines on the fly, skipping the normal ‘use’ and ‘bless’ processes. This is very important when […]

I recently took a class that included a lot of Test Driven Development (TDD) in Ruby, but I work at a Perl shop. As I slowly became more obsessed with the concept of TDD, especially the unit testing pieces, I discovered that available tutorials didn’t teach you what you really needed to get started – […]

The other day, I was forwarded to a number of blog posts about Ego Driven Development, including: I got to thinking about Ego Driven Development in terms of what I do and what I’ve experienced, even in the aspect of the way I code and have coded in the past.  I’ve seen it […]

I was recently tasked with learning and developing OAuth 1.0A and 2.0 servers, and it got me thinking about the use of OAuth when dealing with loosely coupled systems and software as a service. Having completed the task of writing an OpenID Server in the past, after I completed work on the OAuth server, I […]

I have no new posts at this time, but what I do have is a three week vacation and a bunch of photographs at When I get back, I have a couple of posts that I intend to post about Postgis, and one about Message Queuing (RabbitMQ) for aggregation of data. Until then, enjoy […]

Data is what I do for a living, and in this article, I’m going to load some raw data into a database, normalize it for reporting and website use, and run some reports using, at first, grouping statements, and finally I’ll jump into analytic functions. I’m going to be working with PostgreSQL, for a couple […]

After getting a basic understanding of OpenLDAP (perhaps using my other article The Basics of OpenLDAP) and LDAP systems in general, we can spend a few minutes analyzing OpenLDAP configuration and modification, at a very high level. The previous article shows where the configuration is stored, but it is all accessible and modifiable via the […]