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Classify your Hashes

The reason that I think that so many people loved Perl early on was how easy it was to make a deep object using HashRefs of HashRefs and ArrayRefs. Take this object and start passing it around between a bunch of subroutines that end up being hundreds of lines long, making modifications and adding things […]

Perl Application Bundling

I’ve been fairly obsessed with 12 Factor Applications lately. I’ve noticed lots of tools for bundling applications with Ruby (bundler is fairly ubiquitous), and a few other major languages, but nothing so explicit with Perl. Many developers that I have worked with or talked to haven’t done application bundling in Perl, but I’m interested to […]

Vacation Time

I have no new posts at this time, but what I do have is a three week vacation and a bunch of photographs at When I get back, I have a couple of posts that I intend to post about Postgis, and one about Message Queuing (RabbitMQ) for aggregation of data. Until then, enjoy […]