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Serving Files with Perl/Plack

This post isn’t all that special, but it’s definitely a demo of how far Perl is coming along these days. It’s still a popular language that people have tired of complaining about, so they don’t, but everyone uses it when they need to finish something quickly. Regardless, a question was posted around my office about […]

Fully Automating the Redmine Gitolite Integration

This is the last in a series of articles where I described the installation of gitolite (twice in two different ways), redmine, and the integration of them.  I also described in detail some methods for modularizing the configuration changes that needed to happen for the server, and various applications, when it was possible.  These articles […]

Integrating Redmine and Gitolite

In previous posts, I described how to set up Redmine and tossed together a centralized git service. Now we want to integrate the two so that it will be easy to administer the system (actually, it becomes largely self-administering at this point). At the end of this article, a project manager should be able to […]

Setting up the Redmine Front End

In the previous post, I spent a lot of time setting up a centralized git service, accessed via ssh using gitolite.  Now I want to get a Redmine installation going as a front end for gitolite, and for other types of tracking in general.  This is especially a good option if you are a small […]

Setting up a Centralized Git Service

Your company wants a centralized code repository, and you like git.  Git is not normally centralized, although neat services like GitHub are out there.  While GitHub is awesome, and I use it (and so should any developer that would like to do work that is public or otherwise), the affordable multiseat license that is online […]