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Perl Application Bundling

I’ve been fairly obsessed with 12 Factor Applications lately. I’ve noticed lots of tools for bundling applications with Ruby (bundler is fairly ubiquitous), and a few other major languages, but nothing so explicit with Perl. Many developers that I have worked with or talked to haven’t done application bundling in Perl, but I’m interested to […]

Basic Configuration of OpenLDAP

After getting a basic understanding of OpenLDAP (perhaps using my other article The Basics of OpenLDAP) and LDAP systems in general, we can spend a few minutes analyzing OpenLDAP configuration and modification, at a very high level. The previous article shows where the configuration is stored, but it is all accessible and modifiable via the […]

The Basics of OpenLDAP

When starting a business, or any general login service, LDAP is something that is often thought of but rarely really understood. OpenLDAP installation and configuration can be at best confusing and at worst frustrating and difficult to understand. With the next set of tutorials I hope to dispell some of the information about ldap that […]