After I graduated from college with my computer science degree, and after a few years doing software development and QA, I found myself in a position where I was coding services, command line interfaces, and doing various system administration work.  At first this can seem easy – one believes that they can code their way out of anything.  Modifying configuration files is easy enough, it seems.  This often seems to be a no brainer for someone with extensive creative histories in development work, but all of this is very easy to get wrong.

I hope to jump start the process of moving into good configuration and system administration by writing tutorials and articles that take advantage of the administrative solutions that are available with more modern software and operating system configurations.  This means that my tutorials might be more wordy than others, but I want to make sure that users using these systems understand what they are doing, what is available to them, and that so many of the software solutions that they require are already out there, and that they might be able to focus on the things that they really want to do – writing code (or playing instruments, which I highly recommend you do with your spare time).

You can follow me, @PaulCodeMonkey, on Twitter, or as Paul Salcido on Linked In, and most importantly as paulsalcido on github.com.


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