I’ve been a developer for the last fifteen years, and this is the first year that I’ve written an I Luv Me book. It’s been one of the best things that I’ve done regarding my professional development since I left megacorp (not a good one) for a smaller development firm. The basics of an ‘I […]

Having coded in a number of programming languages, nothing makes me happier than applying ‘use Moose’ to a package in perl and then hacking.  The declarative style is really solid, and aids in writing well designed, even if not documented, libraries and tools. One issue that I’ve tried to work around a few times has […]

The reason that I think that so many people loved Perl early on was how easy it was to make a deep object using HashRefs of HashRefs and ArrayRefs. Take this object and start passing it around between a bunch of subroutines that end up being hundreds of lines long, making modifications and adding things […]

I’ve been fairly obsessed with 12 Factor Applications lately. I’ve noticed lots of tools for bundling applications with Ruby (bundler is fairly ubiquitous), and a few other major languages, but nothing so explicit with Perl. Many developers that I have worked with or talked to haven’t done application bundling in Perl, but I’m interested to […]

This post isn’t all that special, but it’s definitely a demo of how far Perl is coming along these days. It’s still a popular language that people have tired of complaining about, so they don’t, but everyone uses it when they need to finish something quickly. Regardless, a question was posted around my office about […]

EDX, Coursera, and a slew of other websites have enabled people with interest in Computer Science and Programming to get a good start in computing technologies.  Recently, I took a few programming courses through EDX (and I’ve recently started one in Coursera).  In addition, I’ve been tutoring my wife through a course in basic computing […]

During a discussion the other day where we discussed SOA and a new service for a set of data that we currently have in PostgreSQL, a thought popped into my head – what if the database could do all of the selects and build the service JSON document in one request, rather than having a […]